Hello, I'm Anthony Batt

I am a serial entrepreneur that has spent Internet years as software engineer, product designer and enthusiast for making innovative products. My latest start up Wevr was selected by FastCompany as “Top Innovator”. Wevr is an award winning interactive immersive-first indie studio that is creating innovative projects with top creative talent like Reggie Watts, Run The Jewels and Jon Favreau. Recently my team have been working with Paul Allen and his company Vulcan to design and make interactive immersive stories for a location based product he calls - Holodome. Paul's project was presented at TED 2019 for everyone to see. We are very proud of our innovative work we made with Vulcan and we know if Paul was still with us he would have been thrilled to see his vision come true.

I was the founder and chief executive of BUZZmedia, which was funded by Redpoint and NEA in 2004. We created and purchased forty-five acclaimed Internet media brands such as Stereogum, Buzznet, SPIN, JustJared, WWTDD and Celebuzz. Buzznet was an early photo sharing community that pioneered modern social media. Buzznet's core software platform and market strategy was differentiated from Facebook in the social networking days of 2004 by focusing on collective sharing of photos/videos and writing behaviors rather than establishing friend networks. Buzznet and Facebook both had to scale underling web software and infrastructures directly because both companies started prior to the modern Cloud based solutions. We had a front row seats in shaping core patterns of massively scaled social media web sites which now are common place. Uniquely important about Buzznet's impact on web culture was how it started the modern Internet influencer and marketing movements by launching early social media stars in 2005 like Kim Kardashian, Khole Kardashian, Jeffee Star, Whitney Port and many others. BUZZmedia pioneered modern social media marketing techniques that are still widely used today. Between 2004 and 2012 BUZZmedia's web sites were regularly ranked in the top 50 US websites, reaching past 180 millions of monthly active users.

After my time running BUZZmedia, in 2010 I had a chance of life time to work with Ashton Kutcher. As Head of Digital for Ashton's digital media and investment company Katalyst; we create award winning social media campaigns, web media and invested in some of the most important companies in the world. Our clients GE, Levis, Virgin Mobile, Microsoft, UN, Nikon and Intel won awards for our social media strategy and creative work. We launched a funded Youtube channel called Thrash Lab in 2012 and invested several early stage start ups like, CitizenNet, AirBnB, Path and Uber. Working with Ashton was an amazing opportunity and I learned so much.

Past/Current Advisor Roles: Craigslist, Beautycon.com, CASHmusic (OSS), BESE with Zoe Saldana, Ellen Ventures, Plus Capital, Leafly.com, Thekind.com, A Proper High and Ask Solar.

Current Obsessions: JAMstack, Netlify, Functions As Service, UE4, Virtual characters, Making paper zines, Pachyderm Data pipelines, Jupyter Notebooks and Blender.

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